Expired Subscription
Our records indicate that your subscription period has ended.
The two primary reasons for this are:
- you recently signed up for a 30 day Free Trial and the end date of the trial has passed, or
- you had an active site, but your subscription was not renewed.
To activate the web site the owner needs to log on and either buy time or a subscription. After the owner logs in they will be automatically taken to the site status page where the payment options are available.

If you have just payed for the site and still see this error your site may still be waiting for confirmation from paypal. Please try accesing your Home Page again in a few minutes.
If you believe your subscription has been stopped in error please contact our support department.
Please provide:
  1. Club Name
  2. The name of person who paid for the site 
  3. Date of transaction (if possible)
These details will help us research the matter for you.



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